Avery Dennison AP 5.4 direct thermal and thermal transfer printer

Code: AV-AP54

Avery Dennison AP 5.4

Direct thermal and thermal transfer label printer


The AP 5.4 really can do everything! It prints type plates, self-adhesive labels, paper, card and plastic such as PE, PP, PVC and PA at high speed. Your labels for all sorts of applications are produced quickly and simply.

Perfect coordination of foils, labels and print pressure allows the AP 5.4 to produce a resilient print result - abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant and chemical-resistant. This makes it expert at printing type plates, on electrical devices of all kinds, for instance. Your product will be labelled for life and traceability on the basis of serial numbers is guaranteed. These demands are also placed on labels on supplied parts in the automotive industry. Tracking individual parts such as wiring looms and interior door panels can be ensured with reliable labelling.



Avery Dennison AP 5.4 benefits

Quick and Easy Operation

  • Simple operation and straightforward operating controls make it easy to work with the AP 5.4. Labels and foils can be changed very easily, since the material feed opens at the side. No tools or accessories are required to change print heads or print drums. The print pressure of the print head can be varied very easily using the adjustment screw. In addition, the graphical display shows status messages and menu guidance in a user-friendly manner.

The Multi-faceted AP 5.4 offers many extras

  • Flat-print-head (8 oder 11,8 dots/mm) High computer-processing compatibility, Ethernet as standard - this mean network label printing is a standard option. Graphical display for user-friendly status messages (122 x 32 Pixel). A wide variety of standart fonts, barcodes und graphics standrd with this label maker. Real-Time-Clock


Versatile and Functional

  • Depending on your requirements, the AP 5.4 can print fonts, standardized symbols and barcodes on a range of different materials. The intelligent and robust design and well thought-out features are an additional bonus: For example, the print module for the material feed and the easily maintained the print head as well as the moveable reflex light barriers.


Adaptable with Modular Extensions

  • The AP 5.4 is equipped with an Ethernet connection which makes it easy to deploy it as part of your system. Alternatively, it can be used offline in your work processes. A wide range of accessories* for example, cutters, rewinders and dispensers ensure that your processes are optimized and also allow you to post-process the labels.
Features AP 5.4
Printer Specifications  
Print head Flat head
Direct thermal / thermal transfer /
Resolution 203/300 dpi
Print width Max. 105 mm
Print speed 50-200 mm/sec
Print length 5-1000 mm
Material types Label rolls, material suitable for thermal and thermal transfer printing, plastic foil, PE, PP, PVC, PA
Material thickness 60 - 240 g/m²
Width up to 120 mm
Length 10 mm (0,4") bis 1.143 (45")
Material roll outer diameter up to 210 mm
Material roll inner diameter 38,1 - 100 mm
Foil Specifications  
Foil width 25 - 114
Foil length length according to foil type up to 500m
Foil roll outer diameter max. 80 mm
Core diameter 25 mm
Coating color side inside (outside possible)
Foil saving function  
Standard 17 fonts including OCR-A and OCR-B, 2 scalable fonts, True Type fonts supported, scaling in X/Y-direction up to faktor 8, rotation 90°, 180°, 270°
Standard EAN 8 and EAN 13 with add on 2 and 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 39 Ratio 3:1 and Ratio 2,5:1, Code ITF, Codabar, UPS Code 128, Code 2/5, Code 2/5 1, Code 2/5 5, Code 2/5 Interleaved Ratio 1:3, Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:2,5; Code 2/5 Matrix Ratio 1:3; Code MSI, Code EAN 128, Postcode (Guide and Identity Code), UPS Code 128, all barcodes scalable in 16 widths and the hight.
2-D Data Matrix Code, Maxi Code, PDF 417, Codablock F
Parallel Centronics
Serial RS 232
RS 422
RS 485
USB Slave 1.1
Slot for PCMCIA SRAM cards -
CPU in bit 32
Emulation ZPL
Drivers Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
Self-initialising light sensor -
Emulation EASY PLUG
Stacker (Jumbo/Power) option
Rewinder option
Cutter option
Dispenser option
Full size light sensor option
Reflex sensor option
Real time clock option
Print server  
Offline kit  
Integrated tear-off edge  
Accessories AP 5.4 Peripheral Version  
Rewinder option
Dispenser (only with internal rewinder) option
Cutter option
External signal input option
(L x W x H) mm 272 x 260 x 462
in kg 14



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