ECLIPSE LF350s Digital Label finishing machine

Code: ECLIPSE LF350s

GO LARGE… In-line, fast track Label Printing – Cutting – Finishing Accurate, Fast, Economical – The LF350s has dual cutting and barcode options, reading for different shape selection. Label lengths up to 800mm (33.46”)

Large floor standing machine can handle large bulk orders and short runs. Developed using Summa technology – Cutting dies are not required !
The Eclipse LF350s benefits from being designed and developed specifically for end users wishing to produce large bulk orders.
  • Accurate: Precision Engineering
  • Flexible: Module Options
  • Space Saving: Large floor standing
  • Capacity: Large Media Web
  • Easy-to-Use: Developed with state-of-the-art software & management systems
  • Easy-to-Use: The operator panel allows to-set and recall parameters, rotating speed, & position
  • Producers: Different Shape Label (automatically changing from one to another)
  • Operates: Dual cutting heads | Barcode reading
  • Easy-to-Use: Fluid simulation program guarantees the best inline label production
  • Low Maintenance: Machine uses position indicators to recall the head & roll positions, making any format change faster & easier

MEDIA WIDTH 350mm (13.7”)
LINEAR CUT SPEED Dependent on graphic
CUT SPEED 800 – 400 Axial
CUT TYPE Single or twin head drag knife and tangential emulation
CUT to REGISTRATION Single point registration mark
CUT ABILITY Both printed and unprinted media
MAX LABEL LENGTH 800mm (31.5”) repeat
LAMINATION Unsupported laminate roll – Supported rewind
WASTE MATRIX Removal and rewind – Twin reversible rewind with 76mm cores. Selvedge removal and waster rewind
DUAL Reversable finished label rewind
INTERFACE & SOFTWARE WinPlot (Windows 0S) cut software, cutter control parameter software. Plug-ins for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator
POWER SUPPLY Single phase 110/240VAC, frequency 50/60HZ
DIMENSIONS Width: 1740mm (68.5”) – Depth: 910mm (35.8”) – Height 1340mm (52.8”)
WEIGHT 360kg


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