ECLIPSE LF220-LAS Laser Label Finishing Machine


Make life easier by printing labels with your Print IN-Line, YES In-Line with the latest new Eclipse LF-LAS Series of Laser finishing machines.  Eclipse Laser finishing machines can connect directly to your printer via our built in self-tensioning systems!

For example, you can easily plug in a Memjet based Printer directly with the latest new LF220 LAS and you can digitally print on demand labels at speed, up to 25mtr per minute!

If you don’t want to print direct, no problems, then you can use the LF220-LAS in an offline mode to laminate, Digitally Laser Cut, Strip, Finish and rewind your job, fast, easy, and reliably!

  • 120W laser (water cooled) giving you extreme precision, non contact cut, consistent label production (no wear and tear),
  • Paper, BOPP, filmic Labels can be “Kiss Cutted”, “Perforated”, “Through Cutted” or simply marked,
  • Roll to Roll operation : the LF220LAS can also work from pre-printed roll of media ( 400 mm),


  • Label shapes can be as complex as you like within a 220 mm wide web and can be cut at up to 25 m/min linear speed (subject to design and substrate),
  • Inline operation : the LF220LAS can be associated with a printer and work inline, fully synchronised, reducing the need for operator intervention and reducing significantly the risks of set-up errors, mis-alignments, etc.

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