Towa Label Applicators with Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping

Label Power are excited about the wide range of Towa Labelling guns we supply. In total there are now 7 models to choose from, we are so confident of the quality we now offer a 12 month full replacement guarantee on all Towa Guns.

The Towa AP65-30, AP65-60 and AP65-100 Towa labelling guns have been phased out and have been replaced by the new Towa APN65-30, APN65-60 and APN-100. The APN range of Towa labelling guns are designed for rectangular or regular shaped labels.

For circular or irregular shaped labels choose the Towa APF range. The Towa APF65-30, APF65-60 and APF65-100 feature a slidable mechanical sensor to support the dispensing of round, oval and unusal shaped labels.

For very small labels we have the Towa APN10-30, this labelling gun is ideal for dispensing small jewellery or fruit labels etc.... It will dispense tiny labels. We tested it in house and even got labels 10mm x 10mm to dispense with no problems.

We suggest keeping a Towa gun for each size of label you use, This way you can just grab the gun and start labelling.

Label Power have a special introductory free freight to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand when you buy 2 or more Towa guns before 30th July 2010. Remember this is a limited offer so please mention it when ordering.


View both the full APN and APF series product range and prices here.

APN Series for rectangular or regular shaped labels:




APN-30 Label Applicator




APN-60 Label Applicator




APN-100 Label Applicator


APN10 Series for small labels:





APN10-30 Label Applicator

APF Series for circular or irregular shaped labels:




APF-30 Label Applicator




APF-60 Label Applicator




APF-100 Label Applicator


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