Thermal Printer and Computer Cleaning Products

Remove dirt and other contaminants from thermal printers, computers, card readers and terminals.  It's safe to use Ingenico products easily and without costly outside assistance. We have cleaning pens, wipes, swabs, and cleaning cards to suit your printer's maintenance requirements.

  • EZ Printer, Copier, Fax Cleaner Sheet

    These cleaner sheets are designed to remove built-up paper flash and contaminants from multiple types of printers (including inkjet, laser and dot matrix), copiers, and fax machines.

    Description: 5 cleaner sheets per envelope
    Ordering Code: 2005504PRINTERS (K2-PCFF5)

    $12.06 (inc GST)
    $10.96 (exc GST)


  • EZ Screen Wipes - Dual Wet/Dry Solution Wipes

    This dual cleaning wipe was design to clean safely any monitor, plasma screen, laptop, PDA, etc. Very universal and takes the guess work out of which item is safe for your monitor or equipment cleaning.

    Description: 25 packs per box (1 Cleaning Wipe and 1 Drying Wipe per pack)
    Ordering Code: 2005502PRINTERS (K2-WDT25)

    $40.99 (inc GST)
    $37.26 (exc GST)


  • EZ Wipe - Saturated with IPA Cleaning Solution

    Presaturated Cleaning Wipes designed for cleaning the thermal print heads. This cleaning wipe is designed to clean the print heads by using a back & fourth motion to remove dirt and debris from the print head extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image.

    Description: 100 cleaning wipes per box
    Ordering Code: 2005501PRINTERS (K2-WIT100)

    $50.63 (inc GST)
    $46.03 (exc GST)


  • Jumbo Thermal Print Head Cleaning Pens IPA Solution

    This cleaning pen is designed to clean very accessible printheads. Excellent for intermittent cleaning during printing process and at time of media change. Cleaning pens are a reusable product..

    Description: 12 cleaning pens per box
    Ordering Code: 2005507PRINTERS

  • Key Cleaning Swab

    This product, with its compact foam tip, is designed to clean the tops and in-between keys of multiple sizes and shapes. When used they will: Clean debris from the keys surface, between the keys and around the keys.

    Description: 20 keyboard cleaning swabs per box
    Ordering Code: 2005505PRINTERS (K2-SKB20)

    $33.69 (inc GST)
    $30.63 (exc GST)


  • Multi-Surface Clean Swab (IPA Free)

    This cleaning swab accurately cleans the thermal printhead by using a back and fourth motion to remove dirt & debris from it, extending the life of the printhead and maintaining the readable print image. Also safe to clean the rubber platen rollers and drive rollers.

    Description: 50 cleaning swabs per box
    Ordering Code: 2005506PRINTERS (K2-S6T50WS)

    $72.95 (inc GST)
    $66.32 (exc GST)


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