Symbol barcode scanner

Symbol barcode scanners. Symbol scanners provide high performance, fast and reliable scanning. Select from handhled scanners, cordless scanners to hands free presentation scanners.

  • Symbol DS6708 DL barcode scanner from Motorola

    General purpose handheld digital imager scanner

    The Symbol DS6708 DL barcode scanner combines omni-directional 1D/2D barcode scanning with an embedded parsing agent that enables users to read the PDF-417 barcode.

    This device reduces capital and operating expenses by eliminating the need to purchase separate devices to capture images and read different barcode symbologies.

  • Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner from Motorola

    Handheld barcode scanner

    The Symbol LS2208 provides fast and reliable scanning. Its ergonomic design reduces user fatigue with sleek and maximises user comfort and productivity. Its multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of host systems

  • Symbol LS4278 barcode scanner from Motorola

    Cordless handheld barcode scanner

    The Symbol LS4278 barcode scanner scan objects at any angle, its innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning of the scanner.

    This scanner reads good and poor quality barcodes at similar ranges.

  • Symbol LS9208i barcode scanner from Motorola

    Hands-free omni-directional presentation scanner

    Symbol LS9208 barcode scanner is specially designed to deliver both aggressive performance and maximum durability.

    This scanner offers a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern that enables rapid barcode scanning. 

  • Symbol Mystore Lite Barcode Scanner

    Barcode scanner

    The myStore® lite application bundle provides 7 core instore application and an integration environment that enables data transfer between myStore® Lite and any back office solution.

    Ideal for: Stock Traking, Price Verfication, Stock Receiving, Stock Transfer and many more applications.

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