Benchmark label applicator + Automatic label attachment

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Benchmark Label Applicator + Automatic Label Attachment

With this combination, you can process up to 1200 containers per hour - labelled both front and back.

Increase production with the Automatic Label Attachment. Operated by push button, foot switch or external input, it quickly grips, labels and releases containers automatically allowing for another packaging process to be performed simultaneously.


  • Virtual hands-free operation allowing secondary functions e.g. packing, filling and capping.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic activation.
  • Controls application pressure and repeatability.
  • Button activation or foot switch.


Approximate output

  •  600-700, 700-900 or 900-1200 bottles per hour using the Automatic Attachment*. (*depending on container size and label length).

Product Details

  •  Bent stainless steel frame, vacuum formed ABS cover.

Weight (unattached)

  •  2 kg.


  •  17cm x 16cm x 15.5cm.


  •  110V AC 60 Hz or 220/240V AC 50 Hz.



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