Benchmark accessory - Small bottle adaptor

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BenchMAX and BenchMARK Accessory -  Small Bottle Adaptor for Label Applicator

This easy to fit adaptor enables application of extremely small labels.It can be easily fitted for labelling containers with diameters between 10 mm and 50 mm.

With this device you can apply labels on small products such as vials, lipsticks, syringes among others.


  • Allows label application to your smallest products. Accepts products in ranges 10mm - 50mm.
  • Simple to fit and operate.

Container diameter

  •  10mm to 55mm.



  •  Stainless steel shaft alloy gears, vacuum formed ABS cover

Weight (unattached)

  •  ½ kg (1.10 pounds)


  • For Benchmax: 27cm x 75cm x 5cm.
  • For Benchmark: 27cm x 65cm x 5cm.



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