Benchmark accessory - Label orientator

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Benchmark accessory - Label orientator

The Orientator scans the surface of a product to identify a registration mark, i.e. an existing label, a colour or embossing on the container and then applies one or two sets of labels to a specified location.

This device is ideal for over-labelling, re-labelling and specific label placement, it can apply bar codes, export and award labels.

Its advanced orientation system ensures labels are placed accurately.


  • Accurate photoelectric sensor enabling exact label positioning.
  • Simple set-up and operation.
  • Wide range of uses.


  • Stainless steel shafts, gold brushed aluminium, anodised Finish


Weight (unattached)

  •  ½ kg.


  •  10V DC - 30V DC


  •  32cm x 8.5cm x 5cm



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